Social, Ethnic and Racial Equity

SOCIAL, ETHNIC AND RACIAL EQUITY will exist when all Arkansans can live in an equitable and productive state free from historic and systemic barriers, and legacies of unfairness have been addressed and eliminated. 

Social Justice Institute: Philander Smith College

The Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation is a proud supporter of Arkansas HBCUs, including Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas. The goal of Philander Smith’s Social Justice Institute is to embrace and catalyze justice-work across multiple domains.


DecARcerate is a grassroots coalition working to end mass incarceration in Arkansas through education, smart legislation, and community action. WRF supports and shares its vision of a world where equity, healing, and reconciliation replace systems of punishment and oppression.

Policy, Organizing and Advocacy

To eliminate policies and practices that perpetuate structural and institutional racism and eliminate barriers to economic and educational equity.

Movement Building

To create and advance economic, educational, social, ethnic, and racial equity movements that connect and network all sectors—public, private, nonprofit, academic, faith-based, and others.

Narrative Change

To challenge the harmful assumptions and mindsets that perpetuate systems of injustice and oppression.

Empower Youth Leadership

To develop youth-led, solution-focused, equity-oriented leaders across the state.

Stories of social, ethnic and racial equity in Arkansas

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