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Funding Change. Pursuing Equity.

Dear Friends,
What would you be willing to do to add $8 billion dollars to Arkansas’ economy? What would it mean to our families and communities to add $2.5 billion to our state budget? How much faster would Arkansas businesses grow if they had an additional $6.6 billion in revenue? 

It may sound far-fetched, but by simply choosing policies and practices that ensure all Arkansans can obtain a quality education, earn a livable wage and live in a thriving community, we will create a higher living standard for us all.

As a part of the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation’s 2021 Annual Report, we present to you the Business Case for Equity: A Financial Impact Study on Achieving Equity In Arkansas. The Business Case is 1⁄3 of the ABCs of Equity (ALICE, Business Case for
Equity, and Capital Access Report) – a multi-layered blueprint for creating an Arkansas where everyone thrives.

The Business Case was first developed to rally support for ALICE families and workers (the 41% of Arkansans working every day but struggling to make ends meet) during the height of COVID. We aggregated national research and data to understand what Arkansas will gain when we achieve equity in our public and private systems. And, we convened leaders and community partners to consider the systems changes we need to fully support Arkansas entrepreneurs and the economy.

We also leaned into the leadership and wisdom of our partners. They confirm that the Business Case spells out the necessity for deep investment in our nonprofit infrastructure, more support for the ecosystem of local leaders and entrepreneurs, and coalition building for advocacy and systemic change. We listened and in 2021 invested nearly $6 million in the people doing the hard work to create new educational and economic opportunities across the state.

We are grateful for the ongoing commitment of our grantee partners and trusted community leaders. And we are eager to continue with them in our relentless pursuit of equity for all Arkansans. 

We offer the Business Case as evidence that an equitable Arkansas is possible and profitable. We invite you to join us in making Arkansas a state where hard work works for all.

Sherece Y. West-Scantlebury, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Sherece Y. West-Scantlebury, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

business case

Trusting Our Partners

Trusting Our Partners

The Foundation believes that our partners know best. They are the experts who understand the challenges Arkansans face and are best positioned to implement innovative solutions. 

As part of our journey to address the power imbalance between foundations and nonprofits, the Foundation’s grantmaking is based on open, collaborative and accountable relationships with our grantees and the communities they serve.

Our investments further the goals of AR Equity 2025, which envision a state where every Arkansan can earn a livable wage, get a quality education, and build generational wealth. 

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Sherece Y. West-Scantlebury

Chief Executive Officer

Rev. Cory Anderson

Rev. Cory Anderson

Chief Innovation Officer

Andrea Dobson

Chief Operating and Financial Officer



Chief Strategy Officer, *through Nov. 15

Rev. Shantell Hinton-Hill

Rev. Shantell Hinton-Hill

Senior Equity Officer


Equity Officer

Sarah McBroom


Equity Officer, *through Dec. 3

Katie Wiggins

Grants and Learning Officer

Murray Britton

Murray Britton

Operations and Learning Associate

Anna Cooney

Anna Cooney

Program Associate, *through Dec. 31

Claire Comeaux

Claire Comeaux

Operations Associate, *through Feb. 17

Michael DeSalvo

Michael DeSalvo

Program Associate, *through July 31


Leadership Officer, *through May 18

Nia Lindsey

Nia Lindsey

WRF Intern

Patrick Hayes

Patrick Hayes

WRF Summer Intern, *May through July 2021


Board Chair 

Chris Vincent
CHRIS Vincent

Wealth Management Advisor | Merrill Lynch

Vice Board Chair 

Chris Cardona, Ph.D.

Program Officer | Ford Foundation

Board Secretary


WRF Chief Strategy Officer, *through Nov. 15

Alejandro Avilés Rodríguez

Director of Policy and Social Impact | Never Whisper Justice

Melissa Wyman Bradley

Assistant Vice President | Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Mike Malone
Mike Malone

Vice Chancellor for Economic Development | University of Arkansas

Terry Mazany

Chief Collaboration Officer | Collaboratory

Kiisha Morrow, J.D.

Head of Diversity & Inclusion I Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP

Charlotte Parham, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor | University of Central Arkansas College of Education

Mike Ramirez

Community Development Representative | Arvest Bank

Lisenne Rockefeller

Chair and CEO | The Winrock Group, Inc. and Winrock Farms, Inc.

Win Rockefeller Jr.

Principal | Theseus Holdings LLC

Vicki Saviers

Independent Education Management Professional

Sharon Toomer

Founder | Toomer Strategies LLC

Naccaman Williams

Special Projects Director | Walton Family Foundation

Cedric Williams

Mayor | Forrest City, Arkansas