We’re continuing the pathway to an equitable Arkansas, investing close to $5 million to positively impact Arkansans so far in 2022.

October 14, 2022

The pathway to an equitable Arkansas is paved by hard-working advocates and creative problem solvers. 

That’s why our grants prioritize:

– advocacy and movement building for ALICE workers and families;

– operating support to nonprofits who challenge systems to serve all Arkansans effectively; and

– increasing access to capital to business owners less likely to have access to conventional support from private banks.At WRF, we fund change and pursue equity because they are vital to a future Arkansas where hard work, works for all.

So far in 2022, WRF has invested close to $5M to positively impact Arkansans and elevate the urgency necessary to upend the status quo for ALICE families and workers.

The newest investments in support of the AR Equity 2025 strategic direction are:

 – $1.08M to create the H.E.A.L. (Humanize, Elevate, Advocate, Learn) Narrative Lab. H.E.A.L. brings together six mission-aligned nonprofits to increase their communications capacity and ultimately their ability to shift public perception and more effectively advocate for public policy that supports a more equitable Arkansas.

 – $800K to strengthen the ability of our nonprofit partners to change the systems that don’t work well for all Arkansans.

 – $1.130M to support innovation and learning in Arkansas through partnerships focused on reimagining systems such as the Teacher Preparation program and the Pulaski County Foster Care system.

 – $1.295M in general operating support for partners critical to making Arkansas a state that works better for all residents.

 – $375K to support access to capital, training, networking and more for BIPOC – and women entrepreneurs who typically have trouble getting financing from the traditional banking system.

 – $230K to the Arkansas Connectivity Coalition to support increased capacity of communities across the state to access federal broadband expansion resources.that reimagine systems such as educator preparation programs and the Pulaski County Foster Care system.